CUSTOM paintings

Paintings of the Soul are something like pictures of your part, which is connected with the essence.
They are formed after my interview with you and "tell" the story directly about you or about a topic that is important to you.
I am painting in the children's rooms to support the purity of the child's soul.
In living rooms to support family unity and understanding.
In bedrooms for intimacy and connections,
in corporate space for common direction and prosperity.
Always individually and in accordance with the spirit of a particular person,
collective or space. The result is a painting you're easy to cope with, which will connect you with what's important to you and what makes you feel good. "

Each painting has a letter that tells the story of the painting. You will then be able to return to meaning at any time.
A consultation that can be conducted via skype or phone is included in the price, which is important for the right choice of the topic.