Born 1976 Brno (Czech republic)

The passion for beauty and the human soul has been with me since my childhood. My way to painting and my own soul, however, went through a complete loss of myself.
My desire for the meaning of life and love has led me to an understanding of the stories, to the courage to look at the world with open eyes and passion for the beauty and wealth of the inner world of us ...

Because the most valuable and the only tool for us to be happy, satisfied and make life meaningful, we are ourselves. Everything we need to know we have in ourselves and all we need to do is listen to ourselves.


2018 "BEZDĚZ ... Má milovaná" - Královský hrad Bezděz "Photoes"

2018 ALLFEST Alchymistické Litoměřice - "Photoes" a "Interview"


2017 FOR INTERIOR Furniture Fair and Housing Design - Praha "Photoes"

2016 COLOR and FLAVOUR of a WOMAN - Ta Kavárna - Praha

2016 PAINTING OF THE SOUL - Centrum Černý Most - Praha "Photoes"

2016 IN CONTACT - Bookstore U Džoudyho - Praha

2015 COLOR and FLAVOUR of a WOMAN - MUD - Benešov "Photoes"

2015 COLOR and FLAVOUR of a WOMAN - Café na Slovíčko - Benešov "Photoes"